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股市行情:沪指跌0.17% 深指跌0.12% 创业板指数涨

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Today, the Shanghai index rebounded, once below 2700 points, banks, insurance, infrastructure, super brands and other blue-chip white horse performance weakness, early trading fell sharply, weak rebound in the afternoon, hit the strong rebound in the afternoon, software, defense, military industry, chips and other plates rebounded strongly, defense and military sector four stocks up and down, the Networks of Lok TV again. The 10 trading days rose 65%.
As of closing: the Shanghai Composite Index fell 0.17% to 2720.74, the Shenzhen Composite Index fell 0.12% to 8455.55, and the GEM Composite Index rose 0.59% to 1443.69.
Peripheral Situation: The international trade situation is becoming increasingly grim. Under the impetus of Trump, trade exchanges between the United States and other countries are deepening. This week, we are on guard against the bad news of Sino-US trade frictions. The Asian Pacific stock market collectively fell, with the Taiwan weighted index leading the way down. The Nikkei index in Tokyo fell 0.69% to 22,707, the Taiwan weighted index fell 0.90% to 10,964, and the Korea Composite Index fell 0.68% to 2,307.
Plate: electronic invoices, defense and military industry, aquaculture and other sectors of the largest increase, edge calculation, Hangzhou Asian Games, Beiqi New Energy and other sectors of the largest decline.
消息面上:青岛海关启动关税保证保险试点改革;工信部:非法“挖矿”严重威胁互联网网络安全;中国—毛里求斯自贸协定谈判结束 系我与非洲国家商签的首个自贸协定;唐山限产方案因细节问题暂撤回 待相关部门最终修订版文件;石家庄出台旅游质量提升三年行动计划;中国互金协会:禁止撮合不符合法规有关利率规定的借贷业务;|并购公会将于明后天与基金业协会沟通创投税率问题;自如发布租房“会籍” 还要把房源翻倍;小鹏汽车已获准开展汽车保险代理业务;中国物流与采购联合会:8月份电商物流指数小幅回升;唐山市政府下发通知 要求9月份钢厂限产力度不低于8月份。
On the news side: Qingdao Customs initiated the pilot reform of tariff guarantee insurance; Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: illegal "mining" seriously threatens Internet network security; the conclusion of China-Mauritius FTA negotiations is the first FTA I have signed with African countries; Tangshan production limit program temporarily withdrawn due to details pending final revision of the relevant departments. Shijiazhuang issued a three-year plan of action to improve the quality of tourism; China Mutual Fund Association: prohibit the matching of lending business that does not comply with the relevant interest rates stipulated in the regulations; | The merger and acquisition Association will communicate with the fund association about the venture capital tax rate tomorrow and the day after tomorrow; freely issue rental "membership" and double the source of housing; Xiaopeng Automobile has been allowed to carry out auto insurance. China Logistics and Purchasing Federation: E-commerce logistics index rose slightly in August; Tangshan city government issued a notice requiring steel mills to limit production in September not less than August.
国泰君安表示,目前A股市场估值相对处于历史低位,预计A股市场中长期价值显现。在招商先锋的投资方面,二季度行业配置与一季度相比,增加了业绩稳定的食品饮料和医药股,减持了家电和新能源板块。我们认为趋势比估值重要,当公司成长和估值相匹配时,会更看重利润增速,倾向于买一些估值可能高一点而增速也更快一些的品种,景气度向上的行业远远好于景气度向下的行业。估值方面最好PEG小于1,这一类公司容易聚集在食品饮料、家电、建材等细分行业中。 因此,未来市场中仍然相对看好成长股,消费也是值得配置的方向。看好大消费板块,包括食品饮料、医药生物、农林牧渔、电子、家电等行业中估值合理品种,其它还关注低估值的银行、公用事业等行业中优质个股。同时,自下而上继续挖掘成长价值股,关注今年二季报和去年业绩增速较高且估值较低的绩优品种。
Guotai Junan said that the current A-share market valuation is at a relatively low historical level, the A-share market is expected to show medium and long-term value. In terms of investment pioneers, the industry allocation in the second quarter compared with the first quarter, increased the performance of stable food and beverage and pharmaceutical stocks, reduced the holdings of household appliances and new energy sectors. We think trends are more important than valuations, and when companies grow and value matches, they tend to focus more on profit growth, and tend to buy products that are likely to be higher in valuation and faster in growth. The upswing sector is much better than the downward one. Valuation of the best PEG less than 1, such companies are easy to gather in food and beverage, household appliances, building materials and other sub-industries. Therefore, the future market is still relatively optimistic about growth stocks, consumption is also worth the direction of allocation. Big consumer sectors, including food and beverage, pharmaceutical biology, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery, electronics, household appliances and other industries with reasonable valuation, other concerns about low valuation of banks, utilities and other high-quality stocks. At the same time, we will continue to tap growth value stocks from the bottom up, focusing on the second quarter of this year and last year's higher growth rate and lower valuation of high-performing varieties.
Shenguang financial point of view: today's Shanghai stock index rebounded, once fell below 2700 points, banks, insurance, infrastructure, super-brands and other blue-chip white horse performance weakness, early trading down sharply, weak rebound in the afternoon, hit a strong rebound in the afternoon, software, defense industry, chips and other plates rebounded strongly, defense industry plate four shares Limit, music network again ups and downs, the 10 trading day rose 65%. At present, the market is in the bottom stage, although the market is not confident enough to do much, but the strength of the support below is strong, the probability of short-term stability rebound is large, we can not blindly cut low meat, today's rebound trend further proves that the support below is very strong, we can wait for the market to stabilize after the appropriate low position, do a good job. Section operation, the next operation strategy is to choose high-quality stocks do a good job of high-selling low-suction, or patience to hold stocks to rise, waiting for the big market to come. The operation focuses on: 5G, steel, medicine, paper making, super brand and so on.
Western Securities believes that from the last week's market operation, the trend of the plate differentiation is more obvious, significant differences not only reflect the continued increase of divergence in the long-term funding, but also reveal the capital warehouse swap route. On the one hand, the banks, insurance and real estate sector has been stronger, which is mainly due to the good performance of the plate's reporting performance, while its more obvious valuation advantage also makes it more favored by the fund. On the other hand, the early active theme concept plate into the adjustment, 5G, communications and information security and other plates have different degrees of decline, the willingness to cash in on profit chips is stronger, which also significantly increased the pressure on the market. Overall, although the index rose for a while, but there was no significant sustained rally plate, which is obviously difficult to condense to do more. In addition, the volume of transactions can gradually shrink, which shows that the current market has not shaken off the embarrassing situation of the game of stock funds, the lack of incremental funds to help, invisibly will also extend the index at the bottom of the repeated cycle of time.