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The Opening Ceremony of the 8th "Big Wave Cup" China Women's Wear Design Competition will be held on March 15, 2018 at the National Convention Center Hall, Shanghai, at 14:30 p.m., inviting fashion lovers above the chaotic hall to work together!
The 2008 "Big Wave Cup" Chinese women's dress design competition is about to start, some people still boast of "Buddhist" youth, and some people have been in the air!
“ 文化是一个国家、一个民族的灵魂。文化兴国运兴,文化强民族强。没有高度的文化自信,没有文化的繁荣兴盛,就没有中华民族伟大复兴。
"Culture is the soul of a nation and a nation. Culture flourish and flourish, culture strong and nation strong. Without a high degree of cultural confidence, without the prosperity and prosperity of culture, there will be no great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.
The theme of the 2008 "Big Wave Cup" China Women's Clothing Design Competition is "Tide System @Oriental". As we all know, the "Big Wave Cup" has been committed to tapping creativity in Oriental fashion, taking inheritance and innovation of the essence of Oriental culture as its own responsibility, winning praise from both inside and outside the industry.
In addition to forming its own strong influence in the course of the competition, it also attracted a large number of millennial Eastern fashion lovers. Therefore, this contest is based on the young people's attitude to fashion, to see how the post-90s and post-00s combine the popular elements with the Oriental spirit, so that the ancient oriental civilization into a "tide man". Technological innovation
In 2018, "Dalang Cup" relies on Dalang Fashion Town to build a service platform for fashion culture and creative industries, cultivate fashion culture and creative talents, and promote the transformation and upgrading of fashion culture and creative industries.
We encourage competitors to innovate in design, ignite the trend of the Oriental spark, carry cutting-edge technology links fashion clothing, keep up with international trends, to create a new fashion in China.
The contest will include the latest intelligent technologies such as short video, live interview, 3D visual effects and so on, which will mobilize the participation of the whole people to create a shocking audio-visual effect. Professional authority
Big coffee came to the jury.
Chairman of Designer Association, President of International Fashion College, Industry Expert, College Instructor, Director of Brand Design, Emerging Independent Designer, Editor-in-Chief of Fashion Magazine, Artist...
The authority of the judges of the big wave cup is second to none in the industry. Looking back on the past judges, Wu Haiyan, Dean of the School of Design and Art of China Academy of Fine Arts, Vice-Chairman of China Fashion Designer Association, Vice-Chairman of China Fashion Design Art Committee of China Artists Association, Director of Asian Fashion Federation and Golden Top Award Designer, has been the chairman of the judges'Committee since the first session of the "Big Wave Cup", and the rest of The theoretical position and professional strength of the Committee at home and abroad are second to none.
Wu Haiyan, Dean of the School of Design and Art of China Academy of Fine Arts: Chinese culture can be very fashionable and very street. As you can see, the cultural self-confidence accumulated by traditional culture has become the glory of the contestants, and the design is also proud of the contemporary style.
艾蒙国际时尚学院校长HEIKO MICHAEL:那些深邃的中国传统文化,通过大赛得以被年轻的选手们以无与伦比的方式淋漓尽致地诠释或展示出来。
HEIKO MICHAEL, President of Emon Institute of International Fashion: The profound Chinese traditional culture can be fully explained or displayed by young athletes in an incomparable way through the competition.
Fong Jian-fu, Chairman of Macao Fashion Designers Association: The deepening interpretation of Oriental elements in the works, brand-new technology, brings mysterious oriental fashion beauty.
Luo E, designer of the Golden Top Award for Fashion Design in China: As China's international influence gradually rises, Chinese designers are becoming more and more confident. This confidence is reflected in the increasing use of Oriental Aesthetics in fashion creation in combination with contemporary life.
Chu Yan, associate professor of clothing department of Beijing Fashion College: The contestants presented more in-depth thinking about China and Eastern culture, fully demonstrating the young Designers'understanding and expression of contemporary Chinese cultural context.
LV集团“亚洲时装贡献奖”获得者Im Seonoc:“大浪杯”大赛无论选手作品还是赛事气场都很强大,中国的时尚产业水平还是很高的。
Im Seonoc, winner of the LV Group's "Asian Fashion Contribution Award", "Big Wave Cup" contest is very strong in both the works of the contestants and the venues, and the level of Chinese fashion industry is still very high.
Li Mingfang, editor-in-chief of China Apparel magazine: Oriental culture is the soul of the Great Wave Cup. Because of persistence and perseverance, today's "Great Wave Cup" has been widely recognized by the industry, providing support for designers to start their own businesses, helping them realize their dreams, which is also the value of the Great Wave Cup. Key points! Super high bonus.
There are more than 600,000 prizes in the competition, and the "Big Wave Cup" has become one of the highest prizes and awards in the domestic fashion design competition.
We are well aware that the most effective help to start-up designers is financial support! The prize of 600,000 yuan, as well as the precious places for further study in St. Martin's, the British Central Committee, is a great help to Chinese designers. Big Wave Cup has never been meaningless. Industry combination
This is not only a simple competition, but also a competition of the industrial chain.
In 2018, the "Big Wave Cup" will continue to broaden the impact of the competition on the industrial chain, creating a creative assembly of Chinese women's clothing, cutting-edge technology, the latest popular position. Fashion creativity will join hands with science and technology to jointly build the apparel industry chain.

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